Palit Geforce RTX 3070 GameRock OC 8GB 256Bit GDDR6 GRAPHIC CARD


Brand Palit
Memory Clock Speed 14
GPU Clock Speed 1500MHz
Graphics Card Interface PCI Express x16
Graphics Card Description Nvidia GeForce RT



Palit GeForce RTX 3070 GameRock OC

Palit Geforce RTX 3070 GameRock, the Dazzling Angel is a High quality card which provides the best Display capacity. The display could be modifies to suit the users taste for a better visual experience. This is mostly used with ARGB (Addressable RGB) cable to support lighting variations. The color scheme are modified but the card still outputs the best of it, thereby offering an incredible visual graphic experience. Our Mining machines are the best quality on the present market and our market value reach every continent. You can buy you Palit GeForce RTX 3070 GameRock OC to support your newly purchase antminer’s graphical properties .

There is this debate about properties of GameRock and Gamingpro. The truth is, Gamingpro graphic cards of any RTX productions are always better than GameRock. They were not produce to display the same ability in terms of speed and visual experience. Much emphasis is been laid on the Color scheme for GameRock RTX graphic cards.

Buy Palit GeForce RTX 3070 GameRock

Buy Palit GeForce RTX 3070 GameRock OC online at the official Antminer best retail shop. We have brought to you a lot in just one store and we make sure to give you all the tools you need. Bitcoin and all cryptocurrencies rapidly taking over the monetary market. To obtain these coins is not a easy, however, mining them is easier. But how would you mine them without having all the necessary tool. We sell here for you the Antminer (for mining) and the necessary graphic cards to optimize your experience. We can say we help you make money, so why not buy. Good offer, Buy Palit RTX 3070 GameRock for just $1900 and have it delivered to your home address.

RTX 3070 GameRock Specifications

Memory Amount 8G
Memory Interface 256bit
Graphics Clock 1500 MHz
Boost Clock 1845 MHz
Memory Clock 14 Gbps
CUDA Cores 5888
Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec) 448
Microsoft DirectX Microsoft DirectX® 12 Ultimate
OpenGL 4.6
Bus Support PCI-E 4.0
DisplayPort DP1.4a x 3
Maximum Digital Resolution 7680×4320
Height 2.7 slot
Board Size 304 x 136 x 60 mm
Graphics Card Power 270W
Minimum Recommended System Power 650W
Supplementary Power Connectors 8-pin X2
Accessory Manual, Power Cable, ARBG SYNC cable



Also known as “The Dazzling Angel”, Palit New GameRock is specially designed for game enthusiasts who want to have the ultimate gaming experience and pursue maximum ARGB lighting environment.

  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070
  • 256-BIT interface
  • Boost Clock 1845MHz
  • CUDA kernels 5888


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